(Answered) Field Site Experiences

(Answered) Field Site Experiences

(Answered) Field Site Experiences 150 150 Prisc

Field Site Experiences

1- What contacts and/or arrangements have you already made with the selected field experience site?

2- Describe the daily duties and tasks of your proposed preceptor and how they will relate to your field experience.

3- What kind of activities, services, population, and resources does your proposed site provide that will relate to your field experience?

4- Describe how the site provides appropriate learning opportunities for the application of knowledge (theory, methodology, research), skills to practice, and the development of professional competence, including appropriate facilities to enhance learning (adequate workspace, access to telephone and computers for site-related work).

Sample Answer

Field Site Experiences

Field sites are a critical learning environment for acquiring knowledge, skills, behavior, attitudes, and diversity in culture within the nursing profession. Nursing students are normally encouraged to undertake this program to develop their nursing techniques and effective understanding of the nursing terminologies. Field site in nursing gives an in-depth knowledge of various medications being administered in response to the type of ailment. This is because the procedures are normally done through practice and observation. Hence, analyzing the theory learned during classwork (Felton & Harrison, 2017).

There are several aspects that one needs to adhere to while locating the field experience site. Some of the arrangements that I have already made with my field experience site include; ensuring that the site specializes in nursing and has a department of medical surgical nursing, knowing the organization’s policy, objectives, vision, and goal towards developing the health system. Moreover, understanding the organization’s reputation is essential in understanding the portfolio of the organization and understanding ethical conduct practice during the field attachment.

Roles of Preceptor in Relation to my Field Experience Site

Field experience sites vary depending on different specialties of study. In medical-surgical nursing, preceptors are not only supervisors and school representatives but individuals with adequate experience, knowledge, and skills. The following are the preceptor’s daily duties and tasks; evaluating some of the learning objectives outlined by my institution, assessing my practical skills on patient care to help meet the learning outcomes, orienting me through the different departments within the hospital, and evaluating my performance in all the dimensions of the health system (Murshid, 2020).

The preceptor will also evaluate my performance in regard to the ethical level of the organization to help me learn the professional code of conduct. The above roles will help shape my attitude, knowledge, and skills towards the nursing professional culture. Through these roles, my perspective view towards delegated roles will be improved. For instance, I will understand the importance of adhering to the code of conduct and meeting deadlines as per the preceptor’s role of assessing my performance.

Activities in Relation to Field Experience

The field of medicine requires determination and interest in whichever department one is assigned to. Field site experiences enable one to improve their knowledge and skills in their field of study. Some of the activities I have been assigned to are; ensuring that I complete the delegated duties, such as outlining all the requirements for specific patient care, working as a team with staff members, writing weekly reports for patient care, and ensuring all the medical equipment for a particular surgery are ready before the surgical procedure begins.

However,   I undertake surgical procedures under the supervision of the receptor or any other professional in the clinical setting.  Various resources have been allocated to me to enhance the delivery of quality healthcare services. The resources provided are effectively helping me to perform different surgical interventions. The delegated roles boost my self-confidence in committing to duties and knowing how to deal with workloads and pressure. Besides, I can acknowledge both strengths and weaknesses of other staff members and colleagues through teamwork.

Impacts of Site Experience Towards the Improvement of Learning

Field site experiences help bridge the gap between the knowledge gained at the university or college level and the actual experiences in the field. Most times, schools only give 25% of the course work; the remaining 75% is earned from research and field sites. Therefore, it is essential to understand that field site helps in imparting practical knowledge among students. In addition, undertaking site work should be addressed as part of coursework in enhancing learning progress.

A number of methodologies and approaches discussed during course work are only applicable at the field site and more relevant when actively participating. For instance, in nursing, most skills are required during practical in hospitals, clinics, and laboratories only. Therefore, one is able to gain knowledge and more skills through field sites. Psychologically, a human brain tends to grasp ideas faster and restore information in demonstrated work rather than theory.