Experiences with Healthcare Information Systems

Experiences with Healthcare Information Systems

Experiences with Healthcare Information Systems 150 150 Peter

Experiences with Healthcare Information Systems

Discussion Question:

1. Share your experiences with healthcare information systems, past or present.
2. Has it been an easy transition or difficult?
3. Why do you believe your experience has been positive or negative?
4. If you are currently not working in a healthcare setting, how has the medical record exposure in nursing school impacted your current knowledge?

**I am an ICU nurse, you can use this as reference**
**Please use 2 references, the textbook and an outside source**

Sample Paper

Experiences with Healthcare Information Systems

A health information system (HIS) is meant to manage health care data, which consists of techniques that gather, store, manage and spread clients’ electronic medical records (Hebda, Hunter & Czar., 2019). HIS also includes systems that handle data associated with the activities of care providers and health organizations. It is a fact that healthcare information systems have changed the healthcare sector positively.

Present Experiences with the Healthcare Information Systems

Currently, as an ICU nurse, I can say that my experience with HIS has mostly been full of positives. For instance, I have experienced Intensive Care Information System (ICIS) stratifying mortality risk, thus reducing ICU mortality rates (Kai-Hsuan et al., 2020). Also, I have experienced these systems improving Evidence-based medicine and medical consultations. Besides, I have experienced ICIS impacting information management by measuring some of the patient’s data, increasing their healthcare quality.

If It Has Been an Easy or Difficult Transition

According to my perception, it has been an easy transition with health information systems. This has been facilitated by coordination with other staff that has facilitated sharing of HIS knowledge related to patient care. This coordination has also helped work with HIS to guarantee seamless changes of care and collaborate with numerous providers to develop personalized, active care plans to manage patients’ health care needs via HIS.

Why I Believe My Experience Has Been Positive

I believe my experience has been positive due to the excellent outcomes that we as healthcare providers team and patients have celebrated following quality patient care improvement encouraged by HIS in my practice area.


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