Establish an efficient project design and implementation strategy

Establish an efficient project design and implementation strategy

Establish an efficient project design and implementation strategy 150 150 Nyagu

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Establish the impact of the change plan

Verifying the change will ensure the relevance in innovation, skill development, staff morality, and opportunity identification.

Through training, there will be improved, innovative skills, and opportunity identification all through the process.

Expected outcome

controlling management costs, reduce employee stress and anxiety, and also ensure the organizational objectives and values are in line with the operations.

steps for overcoming the potential barriers

There are barriers to change, such as fear, the “what if” game, labels, and lack of focus (Fullan, 2011).

Solving communication barriers

Accepting the organizational reality

Build your own organizational story

Ensure consistency, courage and ever ready


Implementation timeline ctd

Process three :Implementation stage

Perform a business intelligence

Establish an efficient project design and implementation strategy

perform a business intelligence

The business intelligence process helps in developing strategies and technologies used in analyzing current and historical data within the organizational objective (Negash, S., & Gray, 2008).

Business intelligence helps provide a competitive advantage through the strategic decision making and competitive advantage.

Establish an efficient project design and implementation strategy

The implementation strategy will help to define how to bring the strategic plan to life. Executing the objectives outlined in the strategic plan, one must begin by defining how the organization will implement each aspect stage, from funding and personnel to organization and deliverables. Implementing project success will require realistic measures and expectations.


Part III: Evaluation and Dissemination plan

Change plan Evaluation

This is a formative step of evaluating implementation plan.

Ensures the action plan is feasible enough

Ensures it is acceptable before implementation

The change plan evaluation usually takes place at different intervals.

The project build-up requires a clear picture of the process and the expected impact of the program.

The program, in this case, affects timing, and therefore progress is evaluated after a long term like two years.

Change plan evaluation, therefore, requires the person to clarify and reevaluate the process.

It is needful to check on the alignment of the company training objective after the change.

After the reevaluation, it is needful that one has to check at the company metrics and also get the healthcare professional’s inputs into the task.

In the end, it is necessary to hire an outsourcing partner to help analyze the training process.


Part III: Evaluation and Dissemination plan ctd

Resource implementation

Healthcare requires established resources to ensure success and productivity.

Requires access of multiple communication categories.

The categories can be within the healthcare IT system

Leadership can help source for funds and further implement the desired change.

These resources include vision, skill, incentives, resources, and an action plan (Hughes, 2016).

The resources will play a role in turning plans into actions to accomplish special plans in health care.

After funding in healthcare is achieved, human resources are key in ensuring change implementation in healthcare.

The humans form essential reforms to help establish efficiency and productivity in healthcare. Also, physicians play a huge role as a resource in healthcare.

The nurses and physicians justify the services cost in any healthcare institution. That is to say, they offer the healthcare cost convenience for every patient. Nurses and physicians also are key participants in


Project outcome evaluation

Measures the program’s effects on the target population.

Process evaluation: determines the programs activities

The decision making process defines the healthcare Barrier.

The decision-making process will be dependent on questions such as

where did they receive intensive and proper care

how effective was the plan to the target population.

was there any adversities in the process.

and what would that justify the process.



Who: Determines who are the driving force to healthcare

What: the operability of the healthcare system

Where: the setting for implementation

How: how the process will be managed.

When: time of action



Insurance companies

Pharmaceutical firms




Healthcare administrators

The efficiency that needs to be established in these areas requires a strategic collaboration among professionals and stakeholders in general.

The collaboration helps execute healthcare plans successfully without any barring challenges.


The patients should be aware of the ability to access virtual care and also engage collaborative platforms for the telehealth provisions.


Based on a clinical care setting, the change implementation process should begin with the special identification of the problems in the healthcare facilities.

The pattern should follow a framework that ensures every participatory method is done within a healthcare setting.

The dissemination action plan will be useful in government facilities, hospital care facilities.


Ensuring a sustainable healthcare service delivery system.

the use of a website to disseminate information

Done by exhausting the provided natural resources

Sustainable change in an organization helps an organization move from making efforts to changing consciously and establishing a new and acceptable way of doing business. Sustainable change helps create certain levels of improvement in healthcare, which is every organization’s objective.


needful during healthcare campaigns for the general population nurses, Physicians will be useful in this context since they will be able to post helpful information on the telemedicine plan either through leaflets or through pamphlets.


Evidence dissemination plan

I will use the healthcare management review.

Offers the organization services, software, services and information to professionals.

Offers relevance in the fields of business finance, accounting, risk management and healthcare.

This is a professional publication through which the organization will ensure the content has the highest quality and retains its scientific significance.

The publication provides valuable insights concerning strategies for increasing market shares and techniques to help thrive in the modern healthcare environment.



The major barrier is high cost of care

Insurance companies has eased the payment process.

Insurance strives to make healthcare affordable.

Therefore insurance and technologies should be used collaboratively.

The basic concept of change in healthcare is to improve the organizational culture to help improve client satisfaction.

Changing the status quo is like fire in the belly. However, physicians being at the center part of the game, they set a tone for practice in healthcare.

Whenever they are not ready, then the healthcare change implementation might not take place. It is needful to seek advice from the physicians to help assess the needed changes before plainly implementing the change.

Also, benchmarking different organizations will help seek a comparison of practice performance on key healthcare indicators.

Other set information usually encourages change the more.



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