Environmental Health Policies

Environmental Health Policies

Environmental Health Policies 150 150 Peter

Environmental Health Policies


For this assignment, you will assume the role of an environmental advocate who is attempting to persuade government officials to enforce or revise a public policy relating to a hazardous environmental setting that puts community health at risk. You will prepare a narrated PowerPoint presentation to present your case.


· Use the Internet to identify an environmental hazard, the public policy enacted to address it, and specific populations at risk of harm.

· Analyze the effectiveness of the policy in protecting community health and safety.

· Using Kaltura, record a five-minute PowerPoint presentation directed at a governing body.

· Your presentation should advocate your stance on a specific public health policy, such as the need for increased public awareness, enforcement of the existing policy, or the need to revise and improve the policy.

· Use the speaker’s notes to write your script and capture relevant APA citations.

· Refer to the helpful links in Resources as you prepare your presentation.

· Be sure to review the assignment scoring guide before submitting your presentation to ensure that you have met all criteria.


You will be graded on how well you accomplish the following:

· Describe the health impacts of an environmental hazard.

· Provide evidence to support the positive or negative effect of a public policy on the quality of the environment in a community.

· Advocate for a specific position related to increasing the effectiveness of an environmental policy on the health of a community.

· Provide a rationale for advocating for specific populations at risk from an environmental hazard.

· Anticipate the response of community members to changes in an environmental health policy.

· Include a brief discussion of how community members might respond to your suggested changes and how the governing body could plan to address those responses before any changes are made.

· Record a five-minute presentation designed to educate and influence a governing body about improving the efficacy of an environmental health policy on a community.

Additional Requirements

· Communication: Communicate in a manner that is scholarly, professional, respectful, and consistent with expectations for professional practice in public health. Original work and critical thinking are required regarding your assessment and scholarly writing. Your writing must be free of errors that detract from the overall message.

· Resources: At least three scholarly resources other than assigned readings. Include a references slide at the end of the presentation.

· APA guidelines: Resources and citations are formatted according to current APA style and format. When appropriate, use APA-formatted headings.

· Font and font size: Appropriate size and weight for presentation, generally 24–28 points for headings and no smaller than 18 points for bullet-point text.


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