(Answered) English Georgian

(Answered) English Georgian

(Answered) English Georgian 150 150 Prisc

English Georgian

1. Look at this website: www.apter-fredericks.com click on the “stock” tab, and see if you can find me any Kent, Adam, or Linnell pieces. You might not, but it will be fun to look! If you can’t, please tell me about two Georgian-era pieces that did catch your eye on this site and why you like them. (NO CLOCKS) What makes them typical of the Georgian era? Please include thumbnail images. (Careful—“Regency” or “George IV” don’t count here. That’s a History III topic.) So all in all, send me three thumbnail images and explanations—hopefully some of them will be of the three designers mentioned above.

2. Please find another example of a Robert Adam interior. A simple Internet search will give you an extensive list of English houses for which Adam designed the interior. Please include two thumbnail images of his work for this house and include the name and the history of the house in which these interiors can be found. (Give some depth of detail here—who lived in the house, what is its historical importance, etc.)

Sample Answer

English Georgian

The period in the reign of King George is amongst the most productive history time of England. The time brought about fast changes in the social front through the development of the technology (Millburn 2017). This paper will depict the Georgian era workpieces, which makes them typical of the Georgian era and the interior of Robert Adam, including its historical significance.

Georgian Era Pieces

A George III Carved Mahogany Serpentine Settee

This Setee looks unique and attractive having a set of six armchairs plus a set of nine sole chairs. As at the times of the Georgian era, the Setee was designed from mahogany wood and curved in shape (Heckscher 2018).


A Pair of George III Mahogany Library Armchair 

This pair of chairs was undoubtedly part of a suite involving two sofas and eight armchairs. It has a curved shape with gilt frames and having Turkey leather very attractive and comfortable.


 A Pair of Adam Period Giltwood Armchairs

It’s an impressive pair of armchairs with distinctive swags use on the top of the legs. It has marquetry designs of seat rails and bellflower carvings.


Interior of Robert Adam

Osterley Park Dining Room

It is a large park, one of the largest London open spaces. It served as a country retreats for wealthy families. The original building was a manor house constructed in the 1570s for banker Sir Thomas Gresham (Martin 2017).


Syon House

Located in west London belonging to the Duke of Northumberland where he resides with his family. It was one of the wealthiest nunneries in the country, and native legend recites that the Sheen monks had a ley tunnel running to a convent at Syon.



The artists in the Georgian era brought about technology developments through their artworks. Their art was very pleasing and attractive.