(Answered) Effective Nursing Leadership

(Answered) Effective Nursing Leadership

(Answered) Effective Nursing Leadership 150 150 Prisc

Effective Nursing Leadership

Discuss what it takes to be an effective leader. Incorporate the questions below in your answer.

Reflecting on Newtonian vs. Quantum characteristics described in Porter-O’Grady and Malloch’s quantum Leadership, and the crucial accountability methods that lead to getting the desired results, what leadership style most closely reflects you? Do you think this is the most effective for your work setting? Why?
What communication devices do you use to maximize team involvement in the execution of organizational objectives. I AM MORE A QUANTUM LEADER.

Sample Answer

Nursing Leadership

Nursing leadership is increasingly becoming crucial in today’s ever-changing healthcare system. Effective nurse leadership drives positive health outcomes by promoting changes to meet the ever-increasing need to improve the quality of care. Besides, effective nursing leadership helps meet the increasing shortage of workers and resources as well as interdisciplinary collaboration through proper management of available resources and duty allocation (Raso, Fitzpatrick & Masick, 2020).

As a nurse leader, the leadership style that most closely reflects me is quantum.

A quantum leader leads from the future. It entails thinking ahead by formulating many scenarios for what the future might hold, thus planning for uncertainties. By using spiritual intelligence to forecast and plan for uncertainties, the lender can protect the business from unpredictable external forces that are beyond his control. As a result, the leader and the organization quickly cope with and adapt to the rapid change in conditions and environment (Watson et al., 2018). Identifiable qualities that make me a quantum leader include being flexible and adaptive to continuous change, open-minded, rapid to act and react, visionary and intuitive, and active use of imagination and innovation.

I think a quantum leadership style is the most effective for the healthcare setting. The healthcare system is highly dynamic and is susceptible to influence by many unpredictable external forces. Therefore, for patient care safety and quality to be maintained, there is a need for a leadership style that promotes quick adaptation to changes.

Quantum leadership entail active employee engagement to collect new ideas and solutions to problems. As a nurse leader, I have embraced communication technology to promote information exchange between employees and leaders. The communication devices I use to maximize team involvement in executing organizational objectives are mobile devices and computers. I use mobile devices to send team members regular reminders of the organizational objectives, thus keeping them focused and motivated. I use computers to send a detailed plan of action through emails and memos and hold virtual meetings where participatory decision-making is practiced.