EBP Leadership Practicum II Project Paper

EBP Leadership Practicum II Project Paper

EBP Leadership Practicum II Project Paper 150 150 Peter

EBP Leadership Practicum II Project Paper

Final EBP Leadership Practicum II Project Paper with Dissemination of Results

Instructions: The final leadership practicum project paper is an overview of your leadership practicum project that synthesizes key points. The submission should have sufficient detail and clarity to help the reader understand the leadership project undertaken and include the following required content details.

Dissemination Paper Outline (Required Content):


  • The title is clear, concise, and sets the scope of the whole EBP or policy change paper
  • Identifies project as EBP or policy change
  • Includes title page per APA

Abstract Summary of problem, purpose and significance for the project, clinical question, literature search and appraisal methods, results, evidence synthesis, and translation recommendations.

  • Problem Statement – general area of clinical concern
  • Background and Significance – brief background and significance of clinical problem
  • Purpose Statement – aim of your practicum project and your evidence-based leadership practice
  • Clinical Research Question – PICO/PICOT format


  • Describes clear literature search strategies, data bases used and other sources, keywords, timelines, inclusion/exclusion criteria, levels of evidence, and quality appraisal tool


  • Describes study selection, number of articles screened including final number, include flow diagram
  • Provides study selection characteristics in a table format in appendix
  • Describes findings of individual studies


  • Provides synthesis of the body of evidence
  • Provides EBP or policy change recommendations based on the evidence and problem to be addressed
  • Describes effective interventions, best practices
  • Describes study limitations

EBP or Policy Change Implementation Plan

  • Provides detail of how the recommended EBP or policy change was implemented
  • Includes clear and detailed implementation plan that includes:
    o Setting and context
    o Stakeholders – engaging others in the leadership effort
    o Implementation team assembled; leverage points for achieving targeted goal
    o Implementation strategies and EBP framework used; EB leadership strategies for achieving target goal
    o Facilitators and how they were leveraged
    o Barriers and how they were addressed; analysis of obstacles and implementation plan
    Includes outcomes identified that are measurable and align with practice change

Evaluation Plan/Implications for Leadership Practice

  • Includes clear details of evaluation plan
    o Plan for evaluating the impact of leadership; How and when evaluation will take place
    o Outcomes achieved (practice change made a difference) or not and limitations
    o Important aspects integrated in the leadership practice change (clinical expertise, patient preference/values)
    o Lessons learned regarding leadership clinical experience
    o Strategies for sustainability, as is applicable


  • Summarize success of project in answering the PCIO question and addressing the problem; how using an EBP approach to address a problem or policy change of interest enhanced or has potential to enhance health quality or patient outcomes.


  • Include scholarly and current references cited


  • Include in appendix (evidence table)
  • Include in appendix or separate document – substantive evidence of dissemination of findings to stakeholders (PPT, Poster, etc.)

Format/Organization, Spelling, Grammar

  • Organized and easy to follow and understand
  • Demonstrates clarity in writing, paying attention to spelling and accuracy of content.
  • Includes all support details (required content)
  • Reflects graduate level work and knowledge
  • Double-spaced 12-15 page paper using Times Roman or Arial 11-12 font
  • Follows the latest APA guidelines for student papers with abstract
  • Refer to APA manual, 7th edition, chapter 2, pages 61-67 for sample student paper
  • Submitted as Word or PDF document