(Answered) Doctor of Nursing Practice

(Answered) Doctor of Nursing Practice

(Answered) Doctor of Nursing Practice 150 150 Prisc

Doctor of Nursing Practice

In 200 words or less, post your response the the following question.

As you envision yourself as a DNP, what are your future aspirations?

Include your personal philosophy, competencies you plan to acquire, and a potential area of interest for your DNP project.

Note: My area of study is mental health.

Sample Answer

Doctor of Nursing Practice

My philosophy as a nurse is to ensure that I give health care support to patients caringly as though they are my dear family member. However, those mentioned above can only be achieved by dedicating myself to serving all the patients equally despite their race, color, type of illness, and social, religious, and economic backgrounds. By achieving the above, I will be satisfied with my work and set me up to work in diverse healthcare settings. Showing empathy and compassion to patients, as an advanced practicing nurse, is crucial as it helps understand the needs of all patients by listening to understand what they are going through and what they need. Thus, I will handle my patients in a dignified manner without showing discrimination to any of them, hence supporting them all emotionally throughout their treatment and healing process.

As a professional nurse, it is of great delight in my career to acquire a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP), which will help me expand my knowledge in mental health and practice my career on a higher level. My ultimate goal, in this case, is becoming a mental health care practitioner with the main focus set on improving the practice of a mental health care nurse. The DNP will thus help me acquire knowledge and skills required to understand and appreciate the research and facilitate the process of putting acquired evidence into practice, with the ultimate goal of improving patient safety, satisfaction, and expected outcomes (Grey, 2013).

The Doctor of Nursing Practice will offer me a more leadership role both in the research and practice of a mental health nurse, thus enabling me to research and develop mental health nursing models that reflect on care models of practice. The analytical skills, substantive and critical knowledge gained from Doctor of Nursing Practice will be of great importance in helping me provide advanced and high-quality compassionate mental health care nursing (Zaccagnini and Pechacek, 2019). The skills and knowledge that I will gain as a Doctor of Nursing Practice will improve my effectiveness in mental health and present me with a chance to foster my professional growth and development.