Diversity in Nursing

Diversity in Nursing

Diversity in Nursing 150 150 Peter

Diversity in Nursing

Diversity is part of nursing. As you begin this course, answer the below questions:

Discuss what transcultural nursing means to you.
Why did you decide to take this course?
Explain what you would like to learn in the next 8 weeks.
How do you hope this course will help you in your clinical?

Sample Paper

Diversity in Nursing

Transcultural Nursing

            Transcultural nursing is recognizing and focusing on different cultures when providing care to patients. It entails considering each patient’s unique needs, beliefs, preferences, and health practices related to their culture (Im & Lee, 2018). Essential components of transcultural nursing include attitude towards the cultural differences, awareness of patient’s cultural worldview, having cross-cultural skills, and being knowledgeable on different cultural practices and worldviews.

Why I took this course

            The main treason for taking this course is to be able to provide quality and informed care to patients from the diverse environment. I want to be at the forefront of ensuring that patients are satisfied with the health services that they are receiving. I am also dedicated to ensuring that patients are cooperative throughout the care process, which can only be achieved if each patient’s diverse needs are recognized.

What I would like to Learn

            I would like to learn how to relate to and treat patients from diverse backgrounds in the next eight weeks. I expect to be informed on the setbacks that one may experience when caring for these patients and how to handle these challenges effectively. In addition, I expect to be educated on the best nursing practices that will ensure that patients from different cultural backgrounds are cooperative throughout the care process. This includes how to communicate or relate with these individuals (Coleman, 2019).

How this course will help me

            I hope this course will open my mind and build my competence in providing quality care to patients from different cultures. In addition, I expect the course to help me respond to different challenges that I experience when providing care to patients from a diverse culture. Finally, I hope that this course will equip me with the necessary skills and knowledge to appreciate, understand and work with individuals from different cultural backgrounds.


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