Dissertation in Nursing

Dissertation in Nursing

Dissertation in Nursing 150 150 Peter

Dissertation in Nursing

To prepare for this Assignment, complete the following:

Review the guidance in the Doctoral Degree Coach and the Learning Resources in relation to searching the literature in your discipline (NURSING) to narrow a potential research topic. Browse the Dissertation and Theses @ Walden database for published capstone projects in your discipline to familiarize yourself with the topics already covered, and the types of problems/issues researched.
Use search terms that are potential areas of interest for your own research.
Read the title and abstract of three to five dissertations that are related to your potential topic.
Select one dissertation that interests you most, read the introduction, and address the prompts provided below.

Question 1: Write a brief response that addresses the following:
State the topic of the selected dissertation and explain how the author situates the topic into the pertinent literature.
What is the background of this topic?
What is the social problem being addressed?
What gap in the literature did the study fill?
How does this topic relate to your potential topic of interest?

Sample Paper

Dissertation in Nursing

The nursing profession is a sensitive one because it adheres to the health of human beings. Therefore, nursing students must ensure that they have understood all the requirements of having an organized dissertation to acknowledge their commitment to quality and effective nursing practice. Dissertation in nursing enables nursing students to have an opportunity to focus and conduct research on their potential topics following the academic literature review concepts that they had been taught during the entire coursework. These dissertation projects also prove their understanding and preparedness towards engagement in clinical practice.

In the nursing profession, healthcare practitioners must know how to form research questions, provide answers, and adequately derive research findings accordingly (Glasper & Carpenter, 2021). Therefore, the dissertation prepares them for the nursing research journey that enhances their understanding of nursing theoretical concepts improves their literature review and quality practice in achieving patient outcomes. Healthcare professionals must understand that it is vital to provide a good dissertation writing process rather than focus on completion. All the major elements of writing a dissertation must appear in their final project and be well structured.

Topic of the Dissertation and Pertinent Literature

My topic of the dissertation is: ‘Comparison of Affordable Care Act and Ryan White Coverage on Treatment Compliance, Engagement, Affordability, and Health Treatment Compliance, Engagement, Affordability, and Health Status for People Living with HIV/AIDs Status for People Living with HIV/AIDs’ (Blum,2020). I chose this topic because I wanted to understand more about the progress of viral suppression in HIV/AIDs patients after introducing the Affordable Care Act in the United States. The author has situated the topic into pertinent literature. The author makes the reader aware of his study by introducing the main concepts in the introduction section. The pertinent literature used is ‘review de-identified patient data obtained from the Florida Department of Health to determine whether PLWHA enrolled in an ACA qualified health plan (ACAQHP) achieved improved health status compared to PLWHA enrolled in the RWHAP. The pertinent literature is consistent with the dissertation topic, showing the results obtained.

Background of the Topic

The topic is derived from an academic presentation set -up. The author’s study shows a progression of health improvements of those PLWHA in the United States after the ACA introduction. This type of background has been well demonstrated with evidence-based scholarly articles to enable the reader to understand the situation and health status of PLWHIV/. AIDs, especially before the ACA enactment.

Social Problem

The social problem being addressed is inaccessibility to quality and affordable healthcare services due to lack of medical insurance before ACA and RWHAP. Many U.S citizens could not access healthcare due to lack of finances to sustain their medication. Therefore, the government decided to enhance affordability and access to medical services for those living with HIV/AIDs to improve their health and prolong life expectancy.

Literature Gap Filled by the Study

The literature review is essential in nursing research as it enhances the focus of theoretical concepts and missing gaps in the study. The literature gap filled by the study is on population size. The author has identified the sample size of the estimated number of PLWHA in the United States. Filling literature gaps helps the readers to understand the depth of the population health problem and identify variations in terms of prevalence rates in finding the possible solutions and recommendations. The filled gaps enable exploring ideas that are relevant to the study.

Relation to my Potential Topic of Interest

This topic relates to my topic of interest, ‘Evidence from a Multistate Cohort: Enrollment in Affordable Care Act Qualified Health Plans’ Association with Viral Suppression (McManus et al., 2020).’  They both focus on reducing the HIV/AIDs epidemic in the United States. Both topics have enhanced the use of the Affordable Care Act in finding out if there is an improvement in viral suppression or not.



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