Discuss a situation where you can collect data, and the data the Empirical Rule applies

Discuss a situation where you can collect data, and the data the Empirical Rule applies

Discuss a situation where you can collect data, and the data the Empirical Rule applies 150 150 Peter

Discussion 1

Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

Discuss a situation where you can collect data, and the data the Empirical Rule applies, meaning that the data representing this situation follows a normal distribution. You are encouraged to conduct research using the internet to discover a situation that fits this criteria. 
Citing your source, discuss what specifically leads you to believe this situation follows the Empirical Rule. What statistical analysis benefits exist because the situation has data that is distributed normally?


 In responding to Tiffany and Linda , offer your initial thoughts regarding the proposed research designs that they have discussed. Make suggestions about how they might implement their research designs based on what they have shared. Are there any ethical considerations they may not have considered? 

Tiffany post

For my final project I have chosen Mental health under Track one. I final mental health extremely interesting. I actually currently work at a mental hospital and I love it. The design I think would work best would be experimental design. I say this because not every person is the same. There is different mental health disorders out there and some people have more than one. I think it would be ethical to get a variety and maybe even some with more than one to get an idea of what mental health disorder influence social thinking. While writing I may lean towards another design, but I think right now that makes the most sense for an experimental design. Let me know if you think otherwise! I do not see any issues with ethical concerns. As long as their is some type of consent or voluntary participation, valid sources,  and confidentiality protected; it will follow guidelines.

Linda post

The topic that I want use for the tracks and topic of social psychology is “Lessons From Social Psychology on Discrediting Psychiatric Stigma” The research design that I predict may help me to further investigate this topic is the “Case Study Design”  I believe this design will be useful to observing Social Psychological issues in real world situations to look at some variables in different and safe situations that will help me when investigating  for psychiatric behaviors that may happen in the subjects environment where they are comfortable and familiar.  I can see some ethical issues when doing research because you will want to keep this research as confidential and follow rules and guidelines.  Protecting identity and privacy issues by keeping research reports and other information secure to protect individuals.  

Discussion 2

watch the Connect video “How the Misinformation Effect Influences Memories.” In your initial post, address the following:

Reflect on an occasion when your recollection of a particular memory became less accurate because of post-event information. What were the contributing factors?
In what ways has the explosion of technology and media/social media contributed to how the misinformation effect has become more prevalent in today’s world?
Suggestibility (the influence of others’ expectations on our memory) and misattribution (information attributed to an incorrect source) raise several ethical concerns. What are some that you can think of?

 Refer to the video and cite from text to support your answers.