(Answered) Development of Nursing Theories

(Answered) Development of Nursing Theories

(Answered) Development of Nursing Theories 150 150 Prisc

Development of Nursing Theories

How the development of nursing theories has changed over time?
Write a 1-page paper on your philosophy of nursing using APA format. Specify at least three concepts that are essential in your practice of nursing. Explain whether your philosophy portrays nursing as a science or an art.

Sample Answer

Philosophy of Nursing 

I intend to stand by my philosophy of nursing during the whole duration of my nursing profession. My nursing philosophy is based on providing effective, compassionate, competent, and holistic care to the best of my ability.   My nursing philosophy was founded on the beliefs and values that were instilled in me during my childhood.  Growing up in a family of three, my parents always taught us to be respectful to others, trustworthy, and to be compassionate. My inspiration to pursue the nursing profession came from our family, is a physician who was always compassionate, humble, and willing to help. In my nursing practice, I believe that compassion is one of the most important virtues.

I believe that to uphold my nursing philosophy; I will need to update my knowledge constantly. I believe that continued education on different issues related to holistic care and professionalism is essential. I also believe that extensive research can help me obtain updated knowledge and information about evidence-based practices that can support my nursing practice. Having updated information can help me in providing optimal health care services to my patients.

As the American Society has continued to become diverse, I believe that cultural competence is one of the essential skills nurses should possess. Nurses should respect the diverse characteristics of their patients, including religion and cultural beliefs, and sexual orientation. Therefore, having cultural competence will allow me to keep providing holistic care to diverse patients without showing any form of discrimination. In my practice, I also intend to follow the ethical codes provided by the joint commission standards and the American Nurses Association to protect the privacy and confidentiality of my patients, provide safe care and protect patient rights. In healthcare settings, I also intend to be an advocate for patients and promote good health practices.

The three concepts that are essential to my nursing practice are nursing, society, and patient. My definition of these concepts is therefore based on Watson’s theory of transpersonal caring. I, therefore, utilize Watson’s theory of transpersonal caring to define nursing as a discipline concerned with caring for the sick, promoting health, preventing illnesses, and restoration of health (McMillan, 2017).  I believe that caring and compassion are central to nursing practice and will help in health promotion more than the administration of medical cures to patients. On the other hand, society will provide the values that govern individual behaviors (Pajnkihar et al., 2017). I believe that nurses have to work towards the promotion of a caring culture in society. I also believe that the patient should be respected, cared for, nurtured, and assisted. I agree with Watson that a patient will be greater and different from the sum of his or her parts (Foss Durant et al., 2015). This definition promotes my preference for holistic care among patients.

My nursing philosophy portrays nursing as a science and an art. The science segment of nursing will include performing scientific and professional actions to mediate the health-illness experiences among patients. On the other hand, the art segment of nursing will consist of relating effectively with patients, showing compassion, and cultivating an effective patient-caregiver relationship.


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