Develop a health promotion project for a cultural group living anywhere in the United States.

Develop a health promotion project for a cultural group living anywhere in the United States.

Develop a health promotion project for a cultural group living anywhere in the United States. 150 150 Nyagu

Obesity in Latino/Hispanic Americans in USA Essay
Obesity in Latino/Hispanic Americans in USA Essay

-Complete the paper according to APA 6th Edition Guidelines as a word-processed document.
-The paper is limited to a MAXIMUM of Ten (10) pages (including the title page and references pages; NO Abstract is needed for this assignment). Do not exceed the ten-page limit.
– 5 references (2015-2020)
– In text citations required.
You should address the following aspects: Obesity in Latino/Hispanic Americans in USA Essay


Cultural Health Promotion Project:
Cultural diversity refers to the differences among people based upon shared ideology and shared valued sets of beliefs, norms, customs, and meanings evidenced in a way of life. This diversity is expressed in many ways. Diversity in history, beliefs, practices, and opportunities not only exist among the many cultural groups, they typically exist across a wide continuum within the group. Health behaviors are influenced by culture and cultural values as well as socioeconomic status.
In this assignment, students will develop a health promotion project for a cultural group living anywhere in the United States.
The project should address the following Aspects of Cultural Obesity in Latino/Hispanic Americans in USA Essay Assessment:
1. Ethnic/racial identity: How does the group (Latin-Americans) identify itself in terms ethnicity and racial background? What is the range of interaction outside of the cultural group? Are
recreational, educational, and other social activities within the ethnic reference group, the wider community, or both?
2. History and Value Orientation: How are values derived? What is the historical experience of the group that may have impacted values?
3. Language-communication process: What is the primary spoken language? Do second and third generations in the speak the language of their grandparents?
4. Health Beliefs and Practices: What are the traditional health beliefs? How common are these beliefs and practices within this group? To what extent are folk healing practices and practitioners used?
5. Religious Belief and Spirituality: Discuss religious articles & practices. How is spirituality is defined in the culture? Remember that Religious Beliefs and Spirituality are different concepts.

6. Lifecycle events: Which life cycle events are important to the culture? What are the customs associated with births, coming of age, marriage, and death?
7. Nutritional Behavior/Diet: Are there restrictions? Are there common practices?
8. Medical health care access and experience: Is access to care and equality of care an issue for this group? For example, are group members less likely to receive needed care due to system issues such as financial access or provider biases than another group?
Based on the Cultural Assessment Data, the group will design a Cultural Health Promotion Plan: Obesity in Latino/Hispanic Americans in USA Essay
9. Cultural Health Promotion Plan: Identify a health risk or health problem the project will address. Describe why this is an issue for your chosen target group and how cultural plays a role in the health risk or problem.
10.Health Promotion Strategies/Methods: Based on the health risk/problem identified, describe the strategies/methods that you will implement. Focus on primary and secondary prevention strategies. Refer to Healthy People 2020 Topics and Objectives. You may access the website at:
11.Project Evaluation Methods: State the outcomes you expect to achieve. State how you will measure/assess the effectiveness of the project

Latinos should be concerned with this epidemic for the reason that, while overweight and obesity are prevalent in the US., almost 55% of the population is obese. Obesity in Latino/Hispanic Americans in USA Essay

The Hispanic population ranks second among the highest rates. Over 60% of all Hispanic populations are either overweight or obese. Of the 60% that are overweight, more than half, 52%, are obese. Children 15 and younger rank highest among all obese groups; this stems from the myth that the thicker a child is healthier. That is a myth that can have serious consequences. Some Latino mothers believe the more robust their babies, the healthier they are �C a deadly myth that doctors, researchers and public health professionals are trying to dispel with studies, facts and education. Obesity in Latino/Hispanic Americans in USA Essay

Obesity is linked to health problems from heart disease to diabetes, which includes nerve damage, blindness, kidney failure and stroke. Poverty, poor education and lack of access to health care compound the problem. In addition, 27 percent of Hispanic children are uninsured. 8 percent of European-Americans, more than 50 percent of African-Americans and more than 60 percent of Hispanic-Americans will develop obesity and type 2 diabetes, according to the CDC (Center for Disease Control). The rate of obesity has doubled among Hispanic youth in the last decade, and Hispanic teenagers are twice as likely as their white counterparts to be overweight. This is an urgent problem because obesity also leads to an increase in other chronic diseases, including diabetes and cancer.

Overweight and obesity are major contributors to many preventable causes of death. It is also risk factor for developing high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, gall bladder disease, arthritis, sleep disturbances, breathing problems, and certain types of cancers. Obesity in Latino/Hispanic Americans in USA Essay

Malnutrition, the inadequate or excessive intake of certain nutrients is persistent among Latinos. Obesity results from an imbalance involving excessive calorie consumption and inadequate physical activity. The intake of certain nutrients such as high fat and high calorie foods can be directed to some of the placement of fast food restaurants. An article written by Greg Critser, titled “Let them Eat Fat”, examines how certain fast food joints strategically place restaurants in certain areas and certain communities. Those communities are generally in low income, low wage areas. Because of low prices and affordable menus, people with low income can enjoy their food. These are generally built in Hispanic and African American communities, and this is suspected to be a reason that African Americans and Hispanics rank one and two in highest rates of obesity and related diseases. Obesity in Latino/Hispanic Americans in USA Essay

Latinos also consume slightly less than four servings of fruits and vegetables per day. Nearly one third of Latinos eat two or fewer servings of fruits and vegetables a day. More than 80% Latinos say that fruits and vegetables are hard to buy in fast food restaurants, while two thirds report that fruits and vegetables are difficult to get at work. Forty percent say that fruits and vegetables are too expensive. While most Latinos have high fiber diets, they also have high fat diets, and what they lack is many fruits and vegetables to balance out the amount of calorie intake. Obesity in Latino/Hispanic Americans in USA Essay

A major part of Latino community in America is suffering from the obesity. The obesity and overweight are creating several other health related problems for this community. Obesity is one of the most common health problems in the United States of America and the Latinos are the second largest obese people in the nation. This paper intends to discuss the obesity in the Latino community and several other related aspects of the area under discussion. Obesity in Latino/Hispanic Americans in USA Essay

Obese and overweight Latinos
Latino population is suffering from the obesity that causes a number of other health problems. More than 60 % of Latino population suffers from the obesity and almost 55 % are overweight (Begay). A major number of Latino kids are also overweight. Latinos take disproportionate diet that lacks nutritional value and contains fat and junk components. Consumption of heavy diets, fat and junk food are making Latinos overweight and obese. Lack of physical exercise is another factor that worsens the situation. Obesity in Latino/Hispanic Americans in USA Essay

Lack of information and communication
The main reason, of this problem, is the lack of information among Latinos. Latino mother believes that the heavier their baby, the healthier he is. They are not aware of the ramifications that the obesity causes to their babies. The same lack of knowledge is also found in the adults. They do not pay any attention on their growing weight. One of most important factors, which contribute in the obesity of Latino community, is the excess consumption of junk foods and irregular lifestyle. Obesity in Latino/Hispanic Americans in USA Essay
Latinos do not pay much attention on their health and their apathetic approach towards their health further worsens the situation. They are dying due to their growing weight but people still keep ignoring the issue instead of paying the attention of the highest order. Perhaps Latinos are not aware that obesity can kill them and this is the biggest reason of their apathy towards the issue. They need to be educated about the problem and the government should also promote such programs that educate Latinos about their deteriorating health and risks of the obesity.


Obesity and other health related problems
The obesity is itself a problem but simultaneously it causes several other problems. Due to obesity and overweight, Latinos are suffering from blood pressure, heart disease, high cholesterol, arthritis, stroke, insomnia, breathing problems and several other diseases. Their physical and mental efficiency is highly affected and it also reduces their life expectancy rate. Elderly people of the community suffer more than others because of their heavy weight and lack of proper care (Rodriguez).
Having observed the abovementioned succinct analysis of the obesity problem in the Latino community, it can be concluded that Latinos are suffering from the obesity and this will keep harassing them if they are not taking some serious steps to solve the issue. Latinos are one of very obese people in the America and are suffering with a number of health related issues. Obesity causes several other problems in their life and they are required to pay the immediate attention to reduce the obesity. The problem appears to be smaller but in fact it is very dangerous and fatal. Obesity in Latino/Hispanic Americans in USA Essay

Obesity among Hispanic Latino women between the ages of twenty and sixty-four years old is a current health disparity in the United States. Nutrition, physical activity and obesity are one of the twelve leading health indicators categorized as significant public health issues by Healthy People 2020. Obesity is classified as anyone who exceeds body mass index (BMI) of thirty. According to Women’s Health, three in four Latino women are overweight or obese (“Overweight and obesity,” 2010). Compared to other ethnicities, Hispanic Latino women were 1.36 times more likely to be overweight/obese than non-Hispanic white women (Vahratian, 2009). The primary causes of the obesity epidemic is generally an excessive amount of caloric intake, unhealthy eating habits, and lack of physical exercise (“Obesity in latino,” 2006). Obesity in this minority group causes many underlying health issues such as high blood pressure, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke, and some forms of cancers. Obesity not only effects the wellbeing of individuals, but also has an economic burden on society and healthcare. According to the CDC (2012), indirect and direct costs of obesity within the United States cost approximately 147 billion dollars. A study conducted by the Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health found a positive correlation between the amount of time Hispanic women lived in the United States and the increase in obesity and body mass index (Wolin, Colangelo, Chiu & Gapstur, 2009). This study exemplifies the severity of obesity among Hispanic females residing within the United States. Public health interventions to reduce obesity are challenging and require a significant amount of time to successfully complete. Obesity in Latino/Hispanic Americans in USA Essay