Describe the virus COVID 19.

Describe the virus COVID 19.

Describe the virus COVID 19. 150 150 Nyagu

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(1) Begin your paper with an Introduction. Describe the virus COVID 19. Be sure to describe it scientifically with the important proteins and architecture of the virus. Do your research to find information about the virus itself. What viral family does it belong to, what are other viruses that are in the same family. What are the known proteins on it’s surface etc. What is known and what is not known. Be sure to cite your references! Any statement of fact should have a citation. If you did not discover it, you need to cite it.

(2) How viruses mutate: Explain how viruses mutate and how variants are created. Research scientific articles and use them to explain how viruses mutate. Be sure to cite all your references. Show that you understand how viruses mutate, use scientific facts.

(3) Containment and Elimination Strategy. Think deeply about this. Your job is to create a plan to stop the variant from spreading and eliminate the virus from the colony. You must explain your rational for what you wish to be adopted and used by the inhabitants to contain and eliminate the virus. Your rationale must be based upon science and justified using references to scientific materials. It must be detailed, complete and all statements of fact referenced and cited.

(For example you may choose an isolate, test, revaccinate strategy… must detail how you will test all inhabitants ( cite studies that show your rationale for testing), lockdown all inhabitants for how long (cite studies that backup your timeline), how you will sanitize all pods(cite studies), how you will test all food pods(cite studies), devise a way to deliver food to locked down inhabitants, how you will create a new vaccine ( type of vaccine you will create, against what part of the virus? cite studies), decide when you will release inhabitants from lock down( cite studies that support your rationale), what will be your criteria( cite studies)? How will you eliminate the virus from the colony? You may also choose to devise a strategy that does not include lockdown nor new vaccines… will you prevent spread and safeguard your inhabitants? cite studies that support your strategy. Be detailed and specific

(4) Marketing Content: Create some form of marketing content that the supervisors can give to the inhabitants to make sure they feel comfortable implementing your strategy. Think about what you want to see, what would make you feel comfortable implementing your strategy. You have creative freedom here, you can create a poster or video using a free Canva template (Links to an external site.) or record a podcast style audio ( 2mins max)/make a webpage or Instagram story saved as an image or make a TicTock style video ( 2 mins max)…… totally up to you. You have to embed it in your document and embed it in the discussion for the week for your colleagues to view as well. Make sure all videos conform to academic standards.(ie- no violence, nudity, foul language etc. make sure you have the consent of others that you may choose to have in your video)

For example, perhaps you choose to lockdown the inhabitants as part of your strategy….you might need to create an Instagram reel or audio podcast style commercial ad to explain to them how long they will be locked down and why and what happens next to open up the colony in a fun friendly way. Do not make any resources in the real Instagram nor the real TicTock etc. For example if you choose to make a video, use a free Canva template/customize it and save it as an mp4 and embed the template video into the Word document and also into your discussion for the week so your colleagues can see your fabulous creation. Make sure your content can stand alone and can be understood without reading your full paper.

(5) Reference page- place all your references into one reference page and be sure to have your citations inside your document that relate back to your reference page. Use proper citation style. Do not have a string of references and no citations in your paper. If you do not know how to cite see the bottom of this page for links to learn how.

Be sure to Cite your work! Be sure to add references when outside materials and work is used. Add a reference page to hold your references. You should have at least 10 references on your reference page. References show the level of research you completed. Do not plagiarize work you did not create. Cite! Use any conventional reference style (such as APA or MLA. You can not make up your own reference style). See below for links on common reference styles if you are unsure.