Describe the DSM 5 Diagnosis

Describe the DSM 5 Diagnosis

Describe the DSM 5 Diagnosis 150 150 Nyagu

Students are expected to complete a Case Conceptualization Project by conducting a Movie Presentation using PPT. The movie (as a case study) will describe a major character (and his/her family) in the movie and provide a mental health diagnosis. Listed below are areas that should be addressed in the presentation. Evaluation of the presentation is based on the below rubric. Please be specific and provide a clear description of each case conceptualization component.

1. Relevant Background Information on the Character (and Family)

2. Describe the DSM 5 Diagnosis

3. Describe the Symptoms Criteria from the DSM 5

4. Describe the Behavioral Concerns

(Physical, Mental Health, Social, if demonstrated addictions)

5. Preliminary Assessment of the Client(s) Needs (Section V:2C)

6. Treatment Planning Goals

7. Preliminary Treatment Interventions

8 Treatment Setting Recommendations

(inpatient, outpatient, intensive outpatient, etc.)