(Answered) Deliberative Nursing Process Theory

(Answered) Deliberative Nursing Process Theory

(Answered) Deliberative Nursing Process Theory 150 150 Prisc

Deliberative Nursing Process Theory

A phenomenon is the term used to describe a perception or responses to an event. Examples of phenomena in nursing include caring and responses to stress. Assumptions are the ideas that we take for granted. They explain the nature of the concepts in the theory, giving it structure.

Choose a middle-range theory or grand theory that, in your opinion, can be applied to research.

What is the phenomenon of concern in this theory?
What are the assumptions underpinning this theory?

Sample Answer

Deliberative Nursing Process Theory by Ida Jean Orlando

What is the phenomenon of concern in this theory?

The theory focuses on patient-nurse contact, the nursing process, and perception assessment to improve positive patient outcomes. Its main goal was to define the nursing profession’s responsibility to construct an appropriate nursing care plan that could be easily adjusted when the patient’s condition worsened. Because everything the nurse and the patient say and do affects both of them, the theory stresses the importance of patient engagement and the reciprocal interaction between the patient and the nurse(Ortiz,2020). Nurses create nursing judgments rather than being affected by medical directions, organizational directives, or past personal experiences, according to Orlando. The doctor’s instructions, she thought, were meant for patients, not nurses. Nurses must verify their interpretations and evaluate patients before making judgments since patients have their views and meanings of events.

The Deliberative Nursing Process assists nurses in achieving better patient outcomes, such as the reduction of falls. The theory continues to be a successful practice theory, particularly for new nurses just starting in their careers. Positive changes in the patient’s observed behavior are considered evidence of reducing the patient’s anxiety, and it has also aided the development of nurses as rational thinkers. This notion of the Deliberative Nursing Process emphasizes the promise that patients will be treated as individuals. Each patient will have a continual and active role in their treatment.

What are the Assumptions Underpinnings this Theory?

The deliberative nursing process hypothesis makes the following assumptions: Patients are troubled by feelings of helplessness when they are unable to meet their needs on their own; they require assistance in channeling their needs; they are unsure and perplexed about their dependent needs; without the nurse’s assistance or the nurse first establishing a useful connection with the patient, the patient is unable to express the source and significance of their suffering; any information shared with the patient is immediately valuable( Sayik et al.,2019).