(Answered) Cultural Challenges in Nursing in Five Year Time

(Answered) Cultural Challenges in Nursing in Five Year Time

(Answered) Cultural Challenges in Nursing in Five Year Time 150 150 Prisc

Cultural Challenges in Nursing in Five Year Time

As a nursing leader you are ask to identify the cultural challenges that will be facing your staff in the next five years. Discuss how you would recognize these needs and what tools you will use to develop a response to the challenges. Identify a changing cultural dynamic in your community and discuss how this dynamic is influencing the way healthcare is and will be delivered.
utilize at least one scholarly source other than the textbook.

Sample Answer

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Cultural challenges occur when culture gets into a conflict with goals, systems, or even other cultures. Culture comes into existence with shared experiences by different groups, and it is not centrally designed or controlled. Each group tends to have developed its own culture.

Cultural Challenges in Nursing in Five Year Time

In the next five years, nursing will be facing several cultural challenges. One of these challenges will be language barriers. This will be expressed by nurses, especially to patients who will have migrated to the states. Communication difficulties might result in misdiagnosis and poor treatment plans for patients. The second cultural challenge in nursing will be faith and religious beliefs. Nurses will be struggling to understand the beliefs of their patients, therefore, disagreeing with patients’ decision to treat. The final cultural challenge will be ethnocentrism. This will rise as individuals will continue to migrate to the states with cultural values and beliefs, which will cause fundamental challenges when providing care, especially to the black and minority ethnic groups (Wittenberg et al., 2018).

How to Recognize Cultural Challenges and Tools to Develop Response to the


Through the transcultural nursing research, I will be able to identify the cultural challenges in nursing. Transcultural nursing research will be conducted by studying different cultures to understand better the similarities and differences among cultures and patient groups. Secondly, I will carry out a survey via the qualitative description, which will describe nurses’ perceptions of challenges in offering culturally competent care (Kaihlanen, Hietapakka & Heponiemi, 2019)

In curbing the cultural challenges in nursing, I will advocate for culturally competent care, which is regarded as a professional directive and will aid in redesigning care delivery practices. The second tool will be the application of the Transcultural Nursing Theory, where nurses will have a responsibility to understand the role played by culture in the health of patients.

How the Changing Cultural Dynamic Is Influencing Healthcare and How It

Will Be Delivered

Cultural dynamics include various facets of culture that are under process of constant, subtle changes following a myriad of environmental, human and financial forces. A changing cultural dynamic in my community is individual beliefs (Groysberget al., 2018). Beliefs are affecting the way in which people are thinking and feeling on their health and the health problems, whenever and from whom they seek out healthcare, and how they reply to recommendations for the lifestyle change, health-care involvements, and treatment adherence. Care providers hesitate whenever providing care to clients with this cultural dynamic and first are forced to seek ways to educate them to keep aside their beliefs for medical attention first in order to attain excellent outcomes.