(Answered) Covid-19 Assignment and Answer

(Answered) Covid-19 Assignment and Answer

(Answered) Covid-19 Assignment and Answer 150 150 Prisc

Covid-19 Assignment and Answer

1. Individual Recommendations (for the general population)

a. Primordial prevention recommendation – Individual primordial recommendations can be very simple but something that has to be completed diligently. For instance, removing nonessential items from a car to limit touching more items and keeping disinfectant wipes in the car to regularly wash items (FPM, 2020). Prior to leaving, hands should be watched and then hand sanitizer should be used upon getting in the car, then the disinfectant wipes could be used to limit the spread. COVID-19 can live on surfaces for 72 hours (CDC, 2021). All of these small ideas can play a role in decreasing the spread of COVID-19.

b. Primary prevention recommendation – As much as there is controversy towards the COVID-19 vaccinations, the goal of them is to control people from being hospitalized from the virus or having a severe case. With this being said, the vaccine is to slow down or halt the spread of the virus (Wiley, 2021). From past pandemics such as: influenza, polio, rubella, etc, those viruses became eliminated through the years from vaccinations. In order to eliminate COVID-19 like polio, we need to enter the phase of herd immunity. “On the one hand, they protect the vaccinated individual against the infection, and on the other hand, they promote herd immunity” (Wiley, 2021). If the country wants to enter the stage of herd immunity, people need to individually get vaccinated.

2. Business (recommendations for businesses)

a. Primordial prevention recommendation – A primordial prevention for watching for COVID-19 is monitoring your own health at home. People need keep awareness to their own body and how they feel knowing the symptoms of the virus. For instance, “Check your temperature twice a day and remain alert for respiratory symptoms” (FPM, 2020). A fever is a leading indicator of illness so checking the temperature at minimum once a day will give a precursor to illness.

b. Primary prevention recommendation – In addition to the primordial prevention recommendations, a primary prevention recommendation is people wearing masks in the workplace. Many workplaces are set up in a close environment especially in conference rooms or even blue collar workers are doing physical labor are in close contact. As uncomfortable as it may be, masks will limit the spread and transmission from person to person. “Experimental and epidemiological data support community masking to reduce the spread of SARS-CoV-2, including alpha and delta variants, among adults and children” (CDC, 2021). Masks have been shown to have the highest success rate of limiting the spread of COVID-19 since it is easily spread through aerosols; in the workplace, there is communication which spreads aerosols and sweat which can spread aerosols (CDC, 2021).

3. School recommendations (recommendations for either preschool, K-12, or college/universities)

a, Primordial prevention recommendation – A primordial prevention recommendation for all schools including colleges is to prove a negative COVID-19 test prior to coming back to school. For example, colleges go on a long break for the winter and summer months and are exposed to outside people. Prior to going back to campus, they should prove a negative test so it does not infect the entire school. “Regular testing, in addition to COVID-19 vaccination, is a safe, effective way to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and help keep schools open for in-person learning” (CDC, 2021). This will allow everyone to feel safe and keep people from being infected. This should also be done at the K-12 level after winter and spring break especially since it’s over the holidays when people are in large family gatherings in a small area.

b, Primary prevention recommendation – As hard as it is to maintain physical distance between students, it is highly recommended that this be enforced in schools. “CDC recommends schools maintain at least 3 feet of physical distance between students within classrooms…” (CDC, 2021). Now that social distancing in schools has been lowered from six feet to three feet for those who are vaccinated, it will make it easier for schools to enforce this. Unfortunately those who are not vaccinated are still recommended to be six feet apart. This also means to maintain small groups within schools instead of large gatherings that were done in the past. This is all in addition to using masks properly and screening students prior to entry. (CDC, 2021)

4. Criminal Justice/Prison recommendations

a, Primordial prevention recommendation – Prison inmates are more likely to contract COVID-19 whereas many people think they are isolated, they are but they live in a tight, close environment that is not always the most sanitary. A primordial prevention is enhanced cleaning/disinfectant and hygiene practices (CDC, 2021). This can mean hiring an outsider cleaning company to come in and properly clean to keep the prisoners and guards safe from the virus. “Practice good hand hygiene: Regularly wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, especially after coughing, sneezing, or blowing your nose; after using the bathroom; before eating; before and after preparing food; before taking medication; and after touching garbage” (CDC, 2021). There are many outside people who come into the prisons to work who go home and are exposed that now bring it into the prison exposing everyone else. So with the proper cleaning and hygiene, proper screening needs to be enforced as well (CDC, 2021).

b, Primary prevention recommendation – A primary prevention for prisons can be frequent testing provided for staff and inmates. Prisons are in a tight contact at all times with constant exposure; frequently, testing both staff and inmates can slow down the rate of exposure along with declining the risk of exposure (CDC, 2021). A good amount of time, people are asymptomatic so providing the frequent COVID-19 tests will allow those asymptomatic patients to know they have been exposed and quarantine.

Sample Answer



Thank you for your exciting discussion on primordial and primary prevention recommendations for individuals, businesses, schools, and prisons for Covid-19. I agree that the individual primordial prevention program can be simple, and one needs to complete it diligently. It is essential to take the safety precautions and recommendations seriously, including washing hands and using hand sanitizers. Besides, primary prevention recommendations for individuals require people to get vaccinated. According to WHO (2021), the Covid-19 vaccine protects against infection, hospitalization, severe disease, and death among all the current virus variants. I agree with your insight that vaccination protects the vaccinated individual against the infection and promotes heard community.

It is essential to monitor one’s health at home concerning recommendations for businesses. People need to keep their bodies and how they feel about the symptoms of the virus. Also, it is important to check one’s temperature, which will give a precursor to illness. Similarly, the primary prevention recommendation requires people to wear masks in the workplace. I agree that many workplaces are situated in an intimate environment. (WHO, 2020) suggested that employers should make sure their workplaces are clean and hygienic, surfaces wiped with disinfectant regularly as contamination touched by employees and customers contribute to the spreading of Covid-19. Besides, it is essential to put on masks as described in your discussion. I agree with the experimental and epidemiological data support masking to reduce the spread of SARS-Cov-2.

Furthermore, schools need to take cautions on the spread of Covid-19. I agree on the primordial prevention to prove a negative COVID-19 test before the opening of schools. WHO (2020) suggested that students, teachers, and staff need to understand basic information concerning Covid-19, including its complications and symptoms. The Primary prevention recommendation, including maintaining physical distance, is quite significant from your discussion. Prison recommendations are pretty effective in preventing the spread of Covi-19 in Prison. I agree that prison inmates are more likely to contract Covid-19 even though many think they are isolated. It is vital to apply primordial prevention such as cleaning and hygiene practices. Concerning the primary prevention recommendation, it is essential to frequently test staff and inmates as prisons are in tight contact.