Course Project Milestone 2 Template

Course Project Milestone 2 Template

Course Project Milestone 2 Template 150 150 Peter

Course Project Milestone 2 Template

The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate the skills of the professional nurse as an educator. You are to prepare a patient scenario based on the required assigned topic. You will choose an already developed and reliable mHealth app to use in the education of your patient.
Based on your accepted Milestone 1 assignment, use the information to identify three teaching areas to improve patient outcomes. You will also determine three ways to evaluate the success of the patient’s use of the mHealth app. You will need to provide the mHealth app reference in APA format.

Required Assignment Topic:
Note: You will use the same scenario you developed and same mHealth app you identified in Week 2.

Requirements and Guidelines:
1. Download the required Milestone 2 Template **I have attached this**
2. Briefly state the patient scenario from the Milestone 1 assignment.
3. Include revisions, if required by Milestone 1 faculty feedback.
4. Identify (3) teaching areas to improve patient outcomes. Information to be taught to the patient should include information about the mHealth app, safety guidelines, and how to interpret and act on the information that is provided. Remember to cite the mHealth app when appropriate in the Teaching Area (See template).
Use bullet points
5. Describe 3 ways you would determine and evaluate the success of the patient’s use of the mHealth app.
Use bullet points
mHealth app citation and reference in APA format. See the placement of these on the template.

Sample Paper

Course Project Milestone 2 Template

Name: __________________________

Define Approved Patient Scenario

Mr. D is a 52-year-old African American. He was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. He was also diagnosed with other health conditions including high blood pressure and overweight. Mr. D confirms a family history of diabetes from the maternal side. He also agrees to lead a sedentary lifestyle. He is a long distance truck driver.

Identify Teaching Areas related to the mHealth app

  • Information

Mr D will be taught how the Glucose buddy App works, its features, where to find it, the vendors and their respective prices.

  • Safety features/guidelines provided by the mHealth app

Mr D will be taught how various safety and security measures to use to protect an unauthorized access to the mHealth app and the information store in the app. For instance, some mHealth apps allow user to put security codes or passwords to limit the people accessing the app.

Interpret and act on the information in the mHealth app

The patient will be trained how to interpret data generated glucose buddy. The mHealth app collects data on several variables including blood sugar, insulin dosages, and carb intake. Also, the patient will be taught how to use the information to manage his health condition, and how to send it to his physician for further guidance.

Determine and Evaluate Success (3)

  • The patient’s ability to use of the glucose buddy will be determined by evaluating how well the he applies the app to collect the data regarding his health condition such as his carb intake, blood sugar, and insulin dosages.
  • Also, the success of the teaching program will be determined by examining his ability to interpret and use the data to manage his health condition.
  • Lastly, the patient should be able to use the app to send information or communicate with his clinician at the end of the training.



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