COR420_190 Agency Management

COR420_190 Agency Management

COR420_190 Agency Management 150 150 Peter

COR420_190 Agency Management


The corrections industry in the United States is big business that includes both the private and public sectors. Corrections settings range from local jails, prisons, and community corrections to community control programs. Every program must have administration, supervision, and line employees and will consist of basic organization principles, topics, and key areas of concern. Your term-long project will be to synthesize the various components learned throughout this course and create a local, state, or federal correctional facility or program.

Activity Instructions

The purpose of this term-long project is to understand, analyze, apply, and evaluate key correctional topics through the creation of a correctional facility/program to implement at the federal, state, or local level.

For this week, you are to prepare the following sections for your project:

· Security Level and Security Measures – Describe the facility security level with corresponding security measures to ensure safety and control of the facility.

· Educational and Vocational Training – Describe what services will be offered to the designated clientele and how will they be administered to include clientele eligibility.

· Recreation/Work Activities – Describe which recreational activities will be offered and how will they be delivered. Remember, the activities will have to be supervised and equipment must be provided.

· Health Care – Describe what kind of health care will be made available and how it will be provided. Include provisions for mental health care.

· References – This is a separate page. Include this week’s references.

Writing and Submission Requirements

· 9-11 full pages (approx. 300 words per page unless otherwise noted), not including title page or references page.

· Reference page (minimum of 6 resources and 4 in-text citations with corresponding resources)