Communication Alignment Paper

Communication Alignment Paper

Communication Alignment Paper 150 150 Peter

Communication Alignment Paper

The purpose of this assignment is to articulate a connection between the Communication general education outcome and the content viewed or read for class.

  1. Communication competence is the ability to produce and analyze written and oral texts.

Paper should answer the following:

  1. Summary/history of the issue from the text or course discussion
  2. Articulation of how the issue relates to one of the general education outcomes
  3. What might we learn by connecting those issues to the chosen outcome

Sample Paper

General Education Outcomes

The reading is a letter from Lucius Seneca, a philosopher, to Lucilus about the nature of philosophy, joy, and happiness in life. The letter addresses the importance of seeking knowledge in developing wisdom that is key to happiness and joy. The letter’s author wants the world to consider living according to nature more than general opinions in gaining happiness and joy in life. It is important to notice from the author that real joy is achieved when a person focuses on the things that make them happy and casting aside or trampling under the feet the things that may glitter outwardly but not directly meant for them or attached to them for their joy (Johnson, 4). The author advocates for the true good, rejoicing from the things available in one’s store and not somewhere else.

The issue of edging towards joy through gaining enough wisdom is related to the general educational goal of cultivating knowledge. According to Barrotta & Montuschi (389), knowledge precedes wisdom in the ladder of expertise, and through wisdom, a person can make effective personal and general decisions and choices. Education generally aims to develop the learner’s mind, expanding their ability to make vital decisions to improve for a joyful life. This shows that the issue is connected with the general education goal of developing knowledge.

Making choices for happy and joyous living is one of the key lessons learned from connecting the issue with the general education outcome of knowledge. Joyous and happy living results from a strong base of values and knowledge gained through learning. From the issue, it is important to continue learning to accumulate knowledge to attain wisdom and expertise to be granted a happy and joyous life. Wisdom supports the right decision-making, which is a gateway to joy and happiness. Wisdom will help us understand and evade false desires that may deny us joy and happiness.


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