(Answered) Christian Concept of the Imago Dei

(Answered) Christian Concept of the Imago Dei

(Answered) Christian Concept of the Imago Dei 150 150 Prisc

Christian Concept of the Imago Dei

What is the Christian concept of the imago Dei? How might it be important to health care, and why is it relevant?

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Christian Concept of the Imago Dei

The concept of Imago Dei originates from the Book of Genesis 1:26-27. Imago Dei translates to the image of God. From the creation story, Christians believe that human beings were created in the likeness and image of God, which bestows honor and dignity to every person irrespective of their physical, mental, or social status (Cherry, 2017). Therefore, the concept of Imago Dei proposes that by being made in the likeness of God, human beings are sacred (Peterson, 2016). As all human beings are equal before God, individuals should try to follow this principle in their day-to-day life by honoring and dignifying every person regardless of their mental, physical, and social status.

Importance to Healthcare

The Christian concept of imago Dei is important to health care in that it can help serve as a foundation for health caregivers in practice settings. Applying the principle of imago, Dei health caregivers can honor and treat all their patients with dignity regardless of their physical, mental, social status (Cherry, 2017). By following the Christian concept of imago, Dei caregivers can serve all their patients selflessly and target marginalized groups. Knowing that human beings are created in the likeness of God can therefore motivate health caregivers to be motivated to always perform their duties (Cherry, 2017). In the past, some individuals have been motivated to care for the sick and dying through the Christian concept of imago Dei such as Mother Teresa in Calcutta (White, 2019).


The concept of imago Dei is still relevant because they are still disenfranchised and marginalized groups in today’s society that need to be cared for.


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