Chapter 6 & 7 Reading Questions

Chapter 6 & 7 Reading Questions

Chapter 6 & 7 Reading Questions 150 150 Peter

Chapter 6 & 7 Reading Questions

1) Explain the reasoning behind the hyphenated food types and the concept of local foods.

2) Explain the resource efficiency/sufficiency motivation for sustainability, and how do concerns of distributive justice get involved in the discussion of efficiency?

3) Take a look at this video ( Reflect on the benefits of grocery cooperatives. Why would this concept fit into this discussion?

4) Compare GMO biotechnology with more traditional approaches of plant breeding? How are they similar, how are they different?

5) In general, what are the arguments for and against the use biotechnology?

6) Explain how it might be immoral to keep certain technologies away from the poor and marginalized.

7) Overall, how do you feel about GMOs? Before this discussion here, have you thought much about biotechnology? Has your understanding changed at all?