Case Illustration of the Effects of Substance-Related Addiction

Case Illustration of the Effects of Substance-Related Addiction

Case Illustration of the Effects of Substance-Related Addiction 150 150 Peter

Case Illustration of the Effects of Substance-Related Addiction

Social History –

260 word count: Provide a brief social history of the individual.

Jane Doe is a 16-year-old, white Latinx youth in the shared custody of the state department of children and families, and her biological mother. She attends the local public school and is in 10th grade. Throughout her elementary school years, Jane played soccer and enjoyed writing. She lives with her biological mother and has had monthly contact with her biological father throughout her life. Two years ago, Jane suddenly stopped hearing from her father and began to increase verbal conflict with her mother. Mother reports she filed for support of the state when Jane began to run away, verbally threaten mother, skip school, and use marijuana at 14 years old. Jane and her mother have attempted in-home therapy and short term out of home placements. Jane reports therapy “does not work,” and she prefers to cope with her feelings through marijuana use. In her past treatments, Jane has been diagnosed with a depressive disorder. Jane reports she experiences passive suicidality and smoking helps numb the pain. She is currently in outpatient therapy to also address marijuana use. Jane reports she smokes 2 – 3 times a week and feels better when she smokes. Jane has not engaged in the typical activities she enjoys. She reports decreased motivation, increased irritability, and decreased appetite (citation). Biological mother denies a history of substance abuse in the family. Jane openly speaks about vaguely remembering her mother drinking alcohol frequently when Jane was in early childhood. Mother reports her religion and cultural values do not support marijuana use. Mother reports she needs Jane to learn to “appreciate her more,” and get back to her old self. [Cite Impact on loved ones] She has low insight as to what triggers her use. Her mother reports two years ago she stopped hearing from her biological father, a primary support. Her mother denies a history of family substance

Behavioral Effects of the Disorder –Me

260 word count: Describe the behavioral effects of the disorder on the individual.

Biological and Physical Effects of the Substance –

260 word count: Describe the biological and physical effects of the substance on the individual.

Affected Family Members –

260 word count: Describe how the addiction has affected different members of the individual’s family.

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