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Career Discovery

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Career Discovery

Within the Discussion Board area, write 300-500 words that respond to the following questions with your thoughts, ideas, and comments. This will be the foundation for future discussions by your classmates. Be substantive and clear, and use examples to reinforce your ideas.

Either interview (or find an interview of) a professional whom you aspire to be like. From your interview experience, answer the following questions:

What is trending in your current field or the field you want to enter into? Is this person a thought leader?
List 2 take-away items that you will adopt or found beneficial from the interview.

Sample Paper

Career Discovery


Several trends have been evident in supply chain logistics. The supply chain is increasingly monitoring the cost of third party logistics. Companies are now focusing on strategies that will minimise the cost of distribution, labour, and storage, ensuring that they are prepared in case of inflation (Kimberling, 2021). Organisations are also dedicated to creating systems and processes to ensure that they can steadily hold on to their margins in the current environment regardless of the current challenges. Better systems and technologies have been implemented to increase cost transparency and team preparedness.

Another trend that has been prevalent in the supply chain is increased visibility which is critical in the diversification of the supply chain and logistics services. This is to sustain the business while navigating the different challenges in the field. Visibility allows the companies to have more options and be prepared for the risk the business is exposed to due to challenges being faced in the market (Kimberling, 2021). There has also been an increased popularity of circular supply chains for increased sustainability. This entails adopting a system where goods flowing in the reverse direction can be reused, resold or recycled (Tsai et al., 2021). The process repeatedly occurs, forming a closed-loop at the company’s different processes such as manufacturing, packaging, and distribution.

Automation is another trend that supply chain logistics has experienced. There has been increased automation of vehicles and equipment. Robots and self-guided autonomous vehicles are being used in supply and logistics (Kimberling, 2021). This has facilitated automation in storage and retrieval by using robotic picking systems and other storage and retrieval technologies that allow the robot to find, pick and move inventory to where it is required. This has reduced the risk and delays associated with human labour. Automation has expanded to trucking, where self-driving skill trucks are being used to transport goods. There is increasing use of smart sensors and business intelligence for data capturing and operation monitoring. Automation makes it possible for organizations to run their operations remotely by providing real-time visibility on the business operations (Kimberling, 2021). It also gives a holistic view of the entire digital strategy, including the systems that may need improvements so that the supply chain is more rightsized to the current realities.

The interviewee is a thought leader with a long history in mentoring supply chain logistics professionals. Eric Kimberling is a renowned supply chain expert with a history of success helping high–profile enterprises globally. He has won several awards in the industry due to his long commitment, contribution and experience. His ideas and principles are thoughtful on the key trends and developments that have been evident in the supply chain and logistics.

Key Takeaways

            The items that have been beneficial from this interview include the adoption of circular supply to maximise the usability of goods after reversal. This is critical in reducing the losses that the company would have incurred. In addition, it ensures that the product’s value is maintained, thus promoting stability in the supply chain. Another beneficial item from the interview is increasing visibility on the business operations. Visibility is driving the business’s success by providing an insight into new developments and opportunities and warning on threats and that the business may face. It is a preparatory element on what may happen in future and thus helpful for supply chain professionals.


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