Career Discovery Week 4

Career Discovery Week 4

Career Discovery Week 4 150 150 Peter

Career Discovery Week 4

For your final assignment in this course, you will prepare a complete Professional Trends Review.
In a single Word document, prepare a Professional Trends Review that will help prepare you for your professional future. In this Individual Project, you will prepare a Professional Summary. A Professional Summary includes the strengths that you have based on your experiences that would be interesting to a potential employer. Use this template. Your Professional Trends Review should include the following:

A title page
An official professional summary
Include your strengths that can be transferred to any position you hold.
Include any professional awards you have received.
Your career goals
Include where you are today and where you want to be in the future.
A reflection that includes how the courses you’ve taken will help prepare you for your career

Sample Paper

Career Discovery Week 4

Professional Summary

            I am a committed, goal-oriented, and highly dedicated individual with a solid dedication to providing high-quality services. I have worked in the military, where my MOS was 92A. Automated Logistics Specialist. I have proven to be a competent team player with a strong dedication to customer service and time management. I can adapt quickly to changing environment while contributing to team success through hard work, excellent organizational skills, and attention to detail. Through my studies and military experience, I have enhanced my skills in supply chain and logistics, risks management, staff liaison, business relationships, and business development strategies. I am dedicated to maintaining a high level of profitability through effective relations and cost control. In addition, I am motivated to learn and excel in an organization that advocates for diversity and professional development.

Strengths that can be transferred to any Position

            I am a highly talented professional with strong communication, personal motivation, and time management skills. I can communicate information and ideas effectively and clearly in varying workplace situations. My strong ability to establish rapport with new people is an advantage to any organization. In addition, I can work effectively in group situations and individually. I am able to prioritize important tasks and avoid any distractions while meeting the deadline. I have demonstrated strong leadership, teamwork, and personal development abilities. I am always keen to learn and progress in any position, with significant enthusiasm for new challenges. My strong technical background allows me to effectively use computers and technology to understand the importance of data privacy and security. In addition, I am adept at research possessing the necessary analytical skills needed to gather, analyze and interpret information. This allows me to effectively work with complex data in different disciplines, including finance, sales, supplier specification, and technical reports.

Professional Awards

Currently, I do not have any professional award. However, I have proven to be a hardworking and robust team player which was evident in my experience with the military, which accorded me the role of a specialist. I am dedicated to receiving more professional awards once I enter the job market.

Career Goals

            I am dedicated to gaining new skills and knowledge in different industries, thus diversifying my experience. I look forward to becoming an expert in my field to be helpful in problem-solving, fact-finding while understanding situations surrounding the profession. In addition, I intend to increase my work-life balance by completing all my tasks at the right time and avoiding cases of overtime which may increase burnout and lower my efficiency in my daily operations (Madrazo & Mariano, 2021). Some of the skills that I intend to perfect in my profession include business development, finance management, stakeholder relationship, quality controls, and market valuations. I intend to mentor young professionals looking to join the industry by equipping them with relevant skills critical to succeed in their careers based on what I have experienced.

I aim to improve my coordination, regulation, and planning of supply inventory, equipment, and materials. In addition, I want to be able to provide accurate and detailed reports on supply performance, threats, and opportunities. Finally, I intend to become a thought leader who can influence other people’s actions and opinions.

Where I am today and where I want to be

            I am currently undertaking my studies and learning new skills and knowledge to be applied in the industry. In the future, I expect to effectively utilize the skills and knowledge gained from my studies in the workplace. I want to be at the forefront in initiating new technologies that will ease customer relations while improving service delivery. I anticipate enhancing my abilities in promoting efficiency, quality improvements, and service optimizations to reduce waste and maximize productivity in my workplace. I foresee myself working in a top leadership position where I will coordinate all organization processes and activities. I also intend to own a business that will offer quality products and services to clients. Finally, I hope to increase my workplace flexibility by diversifying my experience.

Reflection on the Courses I have taken

            The courses I have taken form the foundation of my knowledge and skills in the industry. These courses have raised my awareness in developing reach standing, attributes, and values that I will be using in my professional life (Pew Research Center, 2020). This includes the development of personal attributes and capabilities for personal life, work and a robustly changing world. These courses will be essential in facilitating my engagement in constructive and critical dialogue with others, including applying evidence-based knowledge in the community. The courses will also equip me with transferrable skills such as leadership, communication, time management, and teamwork that will be critical in the workplace (Pew Research Center, 2020). In addition, the courses will increase my adaptability to a diverse range of jobs, making me qualified for different fields.



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