Capstone Change Project Evaluation Plan

Capstone Change Project Evaluation Plan

Capstone Change Project Evaluation Plan 150 150 Peter

Capstone Change Project Evaluation Plan

Review your strategic plan to implement the change proposal, the objectives, the outcomes, and listed resources. Develop a process to evaluate the intervention if it were implemented. Write a 150-250 word summary of the evaluation plan that will be used to evaluate your intervention. My change proposal is staffing shortages in long-term acute care hospitals.

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Summary of the Evaluation Plan

The evaluation plan serves to enlighten on the purpose of the program and the anticipated outcomes. The evaluation plan will be tailored to address the nursing shortage issue. The nursing shortage change proposal will include several interventions evaluated to examine their effectiveness in reducing the nursing shortage. The evaluation plan will focus on the long-term benefits of the interventions to determine if the nurses are happy with the changes.

The evaluation plan will examine the success and quality of the change project in attaining the desired goals (Välimäki, Partanen, and Häggman‐Laitila, 2018). The evaluation plan will be divided down into phases from preparation to execution. The major steps for the evaluation plan will include enlightenment of the project outcomes and objectives, evaluation questions, observation system, and evaluation methods to monitor change. The evaluation plan will be vital for the change proposal since it will offer information on care and experience, low turnover rate, reduced sickness absence, and nurse satisfaction. High retention rates and lower turnover rates indicate increased nurse satisfaction. The patient experiences areas that need improvement during the implementation and completion of the project will be evaluated. The evaluation plan will also include measurable outcomes such as the nurse-patient ratio, and an improved patient care will be monitored to evaluate quality care. A low nurse-patient ratio would indicate that the goal of the change proposal was achieved (Aiken, Cerón, Simonetti, et al., 2018).

Appropriate nursing staffing levels were expected to reduce medical errors and increase patients’ satisfaction (Carthon, Davis, Dierkes, et al., 2019). These measurable outcomes will be used as performance indicators since they are meant to offer essential information regarding changes in nursing shortages. The measurable outcomes will be evaluated through an observation checklist that will illuminate the changes that will be observed and evaluate the change progress. The evaluation plan will be applied to all the interventions to ensure a suitable working environment and increase nurse satisfaction.



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