BSN Cultural Presentation

BSN Cultural Presentation

BSN Cultural Presentation 150 150 Peter

BSN Cultural Presentation

Directions: Students may work alone or with 1 partner on a presentation related to a specific culture or ethnic group. May sure both names are on the report.   Once a specific culture or ethnic group is selected it may not be presented by other students. Students will use PowerPoint or similar presentation software, such as Google docs or Keynote, to create a presentation for the class that details:

  • Specific aspects of the culture,
  • Nursing implications, and
  • Ethical considerations

The presentation must cover all the listed aspects of the culture:

  • geographical location
  • how they communicate
  • family roles and organization
  • biological features like skin color
  • physical characteristics
  • common diseases
  • nutrition
  • pregnancy and childbearing practices
  • death rituals
  • spirituality
  • high-risk health behaviors
  • health care beliefs and practices
  • attitudes to health-care practitioners

Suggestions for nursing implications (include all the below):

  • how to provide culturally-competent or culturally-sensitive care
  • how to communicate with them
  • what to include in health promotion education
  • how to show respect for their beliefs regarding birth, death, or religion.

Suggestions for ethical considerations:

  • describe one aspect of their cultural practices that raises an ethical question or dilemma, such as “What should health care professionals do if/when…?” Propose a way to resolve it. List it as a separate heading.

This assignment has 2 parts (A and B) and you will submit each part together by the due date listed in the Calendar of Activities.

Part A Directions: Submit a word-processed document that outlines your presentation. It should be formatted to include at least four major headings (I, II, III, IV …) with subheadings below (A, B, C, or 1, 2, …) or as many as needed to explain what ideas will be covered in the paragraphs. it should also include all of the aspects of the culture, related nursing implications, and one ethical consideration with a proposed way to resolve it. If the aspect is not pertinent to the culture, say so.

Include a reference list in APA format with a minimum of 3-5 current, scholarly sources, including textbooks, professional journals, legitimate websites (not Wikipedia or blogs), literature from professional organizations, websites to refer patients to for health promotion education or to refer health care professionals for more information on that culture.

Submission: To submit your outline, choose the Cultural Presentation: Part A – Outline and Reference List link above, then chose the “Browse My Computer” button and attach file button. When working with a partner or group only one student needs to submit the outline and reference list.  

Grading: This assignment is worth 50 points toward your final grade.