BMOL50070 Public Science Communication

BMOL50070 Public Science Communication

BMOL50070 Public Science Communication 150 150 Peter

BMOL50070 Public Science Communication

Academic Year 2021/2022

The aim of this module is to train students to effectively communicate scientific information and research findings to a range of audiences, with particular emphasis on public/lay communication. The module is for late-stage (Year 3+) PhD students across the College of Science. The module will provide in-depth oral and written communication training for peer, media and public audiences.

The module consists of a series of science communication workshops that will outline the importance of communicating science, and provide students with core skills and strategies to effectively communicate scientific information, including their own research. Workshops will be delivered by experienced science communicators, science journalists and professional presentation coaches. Assessments include a written ‘lay’ abstract, a ‘lay’ seminar, and a ‘lay’ poster presentation based on the students own research.

Learning Outcomes:

Students will learn to (i) critically assess and prepare their own data for presentation to scientific peers; (ii) present data orally; (iii) communicate their assessment of scientific data. Furthermore, students will learn to lead and participate in discussion of research findings.

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