Benchmark – Capstone Change Project Objectives

Benchmark – Capstone Change Project Objectives

Benchmark – Capstone Change Project Objectives 150 150 Peter

Benchmark – Capstone Change Project Objectives

Review your problem or issue and the cultural assessment. Consider how the findings connect to your topic and intervention for your capstone change project. Write a list of three to five objectives for your proposed intervention. Below each objective, provide a one or two sentence rationale.

After writing your objectives, provide a rationale for how your proposed project and objectives advocate for autonomy and social justice for individuals and diverse populations.

This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.
My topic for the capstone project is :
Enhancing hand hygiene to prevent surgical site infection. (4 objectives).
Please prepare the assignment as per the topic mentioned.

Sample Paper

Benchmark – Capstone Change Project Objectives

Research objectives help in defining the direction or content of a research study. Therefore, before starting any research, the researcher needs to be clear on what they intend to do to be successful in achieving the success of a study (Islam & Samsudin, 2020). Before writing down the objective, the researcher should review the problem or issue and consider how the finding connection to the topic of study. The topic for this study is improving hand hygiene to prevent surgical site infection. The objectives for this study are:

  1. Increasing the provider’s knowledge regarding the prevention of surgical site infections.

The nurses will become more competent in offering care without spreading infection. Improving the quality of care for patients will grant the patients good health, which is a form of social justice.

  1. Reducing the rates of surgical site infection.

Social justice is the view that everyone has the right to equal rights and opportunities, which includes the right to good health (American Public Health Association, n.d.). To ensure that everyone gets equal opportunities to attain high levels of health, there is a need to address the social determinants of health and equity. Lowering the surgical site infection rates will grant the patients a right to good health.

  1. Improving the patient’s self-care and perception of care

When the patients are aware of how to take care of themselves to prevent infections, their quality of health will improve. Additionally, they will have a better perception of health care.

  1. Reduce health care costs caused by surgical site infection

Patients have the right to receive care at affordable prices (World Health Organization, n.d.). Therefore, lowering the care expenses will be a form of social justice.


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