Autism Questionnaire

Autism Questionnaire

Autism Questionnaire 150 150 Peter

Autism Questionnaire

1. What are you curious about? Describe things and activities that you are constantly interested.

2. Do you think that you could work with another student on a reading assignment? What would be an alternative?

3. What is the best activity to help you learn? Using Pictures, sound, reading or hands on building things.

4. What activity do you enjoy the most?

What subject you enjoy the most?

Can you give examples of activities that you learned the most?

What helps you to learn more efficiently?

What strategy do you use to learn?

5. How do you see yourself as a professional in your society?

What kind of work you see yourself doing in your community?

What would be the most important contribution to society that you could share with others?

What has influenced the way you think?

Have you ever thought, planned, and/or dreamed about your future goals? Please explain.

When you think of your future self, what do you see in your mind’s eye?

Which of your strengths do you think will help you achieve y our future goals?

6. Do you think you are treated different in comparison to other students by your professors / teachers because of autism? Are they positive, negative, caring, impatient or neglect?

Can you give experiences you had that you like or did not like while interacting with your instructors?

7. In your opinion, how do other students perceive you as a classmate? How do you expect them to behave?

8. How do you perceive your relationship with other students? Are other students helpful and friendly?

9. What is the meaning of life for you?

What do you love the most in your life?

What is the thing that you hate the most?

10. What kind of behavior of others / society around you that you would like to happen in your academic life?