(Answered) English Baroque

(Answered) English Baroque

(Answered) English Baroque 150 150 Prisc

English Baroque

1. Please choose two items of furniture or decorative objects of the English Baroque period from www.fiskeandfreeman.com (Links to an external site.) or http://www.onlinegalleries.com/art-and-antiques/antique-furniture/english-furniture (Links to an external site.) and discuss them in terms of meaning and symbolism. What materials are they made of? Please include thumbnail images, and make sure you choose objects from the 1660-1714 time frame.

2. I would like you to do some research on Grinling Gibbons. Who was he? Please include two thumbnail images of his work. (You’ll find some at Petworth House.)

Sample Answer

English Baroque

English Baroque is the improvement in English design parallel to the development of Baroque architecture in Europe continent between the fire of London in 1666 and the Treaty of Utrecht in 1713 (Carroll 2017). This paper will discuss furniture items in the English Baroque era in terms of their meaning, symbolism, and material. Moreover, it will thrash out Grinlin Gibbons and images of his work.

Miniature Chest of Drawers

This furniture consists of chest drawers symbolizing the safety of things one uses or keep personally, like beliefs, thoughts, or memories. There is a hint of having enough time or space in life. It is made of wooden oak, deal drawer linings very decorative, pure and useful.http://www.fiskeandfreeman.com/Product.aspx?title=Miniature+Chest+of+Drawers&invno=xj1502&cat=Wood+-+Small+Oak

Visually Striking Charles II Oyster Veneer and Line Inlay Chest of Drawers

This furniture is made of olive wood having a line wood banding in holly wood, lower decoration in cocus wood. It has both short and elongated drawers raised on carved bun feet. Decoration of its chest in an excellent condition and also the inlay arrangement delivers a striking appearance. The chest like decoration symbolizes the safety of something that has high valued contents. (Kane, Carr, Johnson, Sullivan & Evans 2016).


Grinlin Gibbons and his Images of Work

Grinlin Gibbons was a British English sculptor and a woodcarver well recognized for his decorative woodworks and stone ornaments at Blenheim and Hampton court palaces at the cathedral of Saint Paul’s. He was born on April 4, in the year 1648 in Rotterdam in the Netherlands and later moved to England, settled in Deptford and established his work as a woodcarver (Haynes 2016).




English baroque era sculptor and woodcarvers like Grinlin Gibbons established truly international art that up to date has various expressions. Past style art is as well seen as of importance to history.