(Answered) Analysis of Romeo and Juliet Play

(Answered) Analysis of Romeo and Juliet Play

(Answered) Analysis of Romeo and Juliet Play 150 150 Prisc

Analysis of Romeo and Juliet Play

Write an analysis of the play that you viewed. (Romeo and Juliet). Include at least one quote from the play in your essay. In your essay, address the following:
Identify the performance that you have selected.
Describe the staging, lighting, costumes, and characters of the performance. How do these match or revise the written version of the play? You do not need to read the entire play, but you should skim the text.
What type of mood and tone does the performance create? How?
What parts of the play are easier to understand through performance? What are some details that stood out through performance?
What are your feelings about this performance? What did you take away from viewing it?

Sample Answer

Essay – Play Analysis

Analysis of Romeo and Juliet Play

Romeo and Juliet is a play initially authored by Shakespeare, and its first performance was in 1550. The story of Romeo and Juliet rotates between the themes of love, hatred, and selfishness. Romeo is the Montague who is in love with Juliet from a Capulet family. The two lovers meet during a mask part and reveal their love to each other. The lovers arrange a secret wedding organized by the Fraud due to the limitations from their ethnicities where the Montague were not allowed to trespass Capulet, and the inverse is also true. Juliet was forced to marry Paris against her wish “I am not happy for what you have found for me” (Gibson, 2020). Juliet drank a potion to fake her death, and Romeo, not knowing the plan, killed himself. Juliet committed suicide by finding Romeo dead after she had revived. The end of the two lovers contributed to the unity and reconciliation of the Capulet and Montague.

Staging, Lighting, Costumes and Characters of the Performance

ESU theatre presenting Romeo and Juliet is the selected performance. The performance is done on a stage where all the events of the play take place. The stage has been well decorated and seems like an open place with traditional structures.   The stage is well lit   and allows the audience to have a great view of everything that is happening. The lighting changes from daylight and sometimes shows night light (Empire State University, 2019). The costumes used are traditional s used in the past to create familiarity in the story. The characters of the play have illustrated the events of the tale energetically. All the major characters have been well represented.

Matching Details of the Performance and the Written Version

The ESU performance matches with the written version of the story because the play’s central theme is not contradicted. The staging of the performance and the written version match because in both the events takes place in scenes that depicts the past. The lighting of both versions connects to the lighting performance through the day and night scenarios. The costumes that are used in the performance are reflected in the written version. The characters in the performance are dressed in ancient costumes matching the outfits in the written version.

The Tone and Mood of the Performance

There is a mixture of mood throughout the play. At first the play creates an excitement mood because of how much the two lovers love each other.  However, there is a little fear because of the feuds between the two families which are making it difficult for the two lovers.  The general tone of the performance is sympathetic to the audience because the story of the two young lovers is sad. The mood generated from the version is the gloomy mood. The mood is developed when the young lovers die. The end of the performance was a tragic one.

Easiest Part to Understand and Standing Details in the Performance

One of the most accessible parts to understand in the play is when Romeo and Juliet have their secret wedding, which the nurse and Fraud organized. The part where the nurse is involved stands out more than the other is since her actions are outstanding and fascinating.  How strong love can be also stood out in the play.

Feeling and View of the Performance

I feel that some of the Performers missed some words compared to the original script, especially the character that played the Fraud part. Following the story of Romeo and Juliet, I view that love is ecstatic, violent and has many emotions.


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