(Answered) Academic Integrity Paper

(Answered) Academic Integrity Paper

(Answered) Academic Integrity Paper 150 150 Prisc

Academic Integrity Paper

  • Explanation for the relationship between academic integrity and writing
  • Explanation for the relationship between professional practices and scholarly ethics

Cite at least 2 resources that support your arguments, being sure to use proper APA formatting.
Use Grammarly and SafeAssign to improve the product.
Explain how Grammarly, Safe Assign, and paraphrasing contributes to academic integrity

  • Identifying and describing strategies you intend to pursue to maintain integrity and ethics of your 1) academic work while a student of the MSN program, and 2) professional work as a nurse throughout your career. Include a review of resources and approaches you propose to use as a student and a professional.

Sample Answer

Academic Integrity

Academic integrity and writing are used interchangeably because their relationship is almost similar. Graduate students need to acknowledge an appreciate that their work or ideas must be original and not ideas from other people’s ideas presented as their own. Academic integrity refers to taking honest ownership to present your original work that can guarantee you trustworthy and reliability in the writing tools and educational setting. Academic integrity guarantees the researchers, scholars, and practitioners the ownership of written materials that can be relied by other people to learn ideas and concepts when writing their assignments and discussion posts. Writing is concept that adheres to the academic integrity, honesty, and fairness to give reliable concepts and posts that can be respected, and one can be responsible for the content included (McNair & Haynie, 2017). Writing in real sense is concerned with making own work, writing papers, and properly citing the resources for your content on borrowed ideas and concepts. All students are entitled to uphold all academic standards by not using other people’s ideas as their own without acknowledging the actual authors.

There is a close connection between professional practices and scholarly ethics; a graduate student’s professional responsibility is to practice competently and with integrity. It is a guide in nursing practice to apply scholarly works into practice standards. Professional code of ethics for nurse’s guides and supports the nursing practice. Some of the elements that guide the profession require an accredited education process, a system for licensure and certification (Glasper, 2016). The American Nurses Association (ANA) Code of Ethics for nurses with interpretive statements helps Nurse maintain the professional practice, integrity, and accountability. The connection between professional practices and scholarly ethics can be used interchangeably, but there is a difference between them. Professional practice is a skill, competence, and conduct displayed by a nurse equipped with knowledge in his/her field; it refers to a code of conduct expected from a professional nurse. Scholarly ethics are guidelines of professional standards to promote moral integrity and behavior.

Grammarly checks grammars and spelling and plagiarism detection software that proofreads and has a writing revision tool for academic writing. Safe assign ensures the integrity of submitted work; it is a plagiarism prevention tool that checks homework submissions’ originality. Safe assign compares the submitted assignment against the database of other assignment submissions. Paraphrasing is writing a text in your word by crediting the source. A nurse scholar’s work should reflect academic integrity by maintaining responsible behavior of honesty and trust, avoiding plagiarism, and cheating by accurately citing sources and share ideas from one or more sources in writing. Academic integrity with scholarly writing includes Grammarly, Safe Assign, and paraphrasing, reflecting the academic honesty of a reliable and trustworthy student (Milliken & Grace, 2017). The three tools promote academic integrity by strengthening writing with evidence, giving guarantee of borrowed work by citing the original authors and show that as a writer you understand the material.

Strategies for Maintaining Integrity of Work

As a student, I need to maintain work integrity.  I will adhere to the integrity culture by complying with the moral code by avoiding dishonest practices like cheating, plagiarism, and copying others’ work. As a graduate student, I have a moral obligation to refrain from academic dishonesty.

In my professional career as a nurse, I need to maintain integrity in and professional ethics by practicing competently and adhere to its code of ethics. Nursing practice requires nurses to make morally sound decisions with ethics embedded in practice. Nurses must ensure they give high-quality care to the patients. Nurses have a professional obligation to be familiar with ethical standards of code of conduct which are needed for ethical nursing decision-making process (McNair & Haynie, 2017). Nurses must show one fundamental value in their nursing practice: always show compassion and respect to all people. Being committed to patients promotes comfort zone as the patients will feel their rights, health, and safety are advocated and protected. The nurses also have the duty to show accountability and responsibility in their nursing practices (Milliken & Grace, 2017). The best way to progress in my profession is to make good relations with other healthcare professionals and integrate social justice into healthcare policy.

To maintain my work as a student and a professional, I will continue to utilize the writing center, to improve my writing skills in words, format, and technique. Also, collaborate with fellow professional nurses/classmates in the program for social and professional benefits in achieving academic success. Building professional relationships can help in advancing my nursing career and academic success.